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Aloe Vera

Nature's best for your pet. 

Aloe vera is member of the lily family, and is native to Northern Africa. It can be traced back roughly 6,000 to early Egypt. It was there that aloe became known as “the plant of immortality.” Aloe vera was, and still is, used as a treatment for wounds. But that isn’t the only benefit of aloe vera. When used externally, aloe can soothe and soften the skin, and is beneficial in caring for minor scrapes, wounds, burns, eczema and other irritations. Aloe’s cooling effects are instrumental in combating flea bites, sunburns, hot spots, and poison ivy harm. Many believe that aloe can even relieve arthritic pain in older dogs and aide bladder sensitivity when urine has a high acid count. Aloe is a safe and soothing option for your pet.

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